Matthew Muspratt

I am an American writer & photographer and business & legal consultant with expertise in international development and sub-Saharan Africa. I live in western Massachusetts and spent most of the last ten years in Rwanda, Kenya, Ghana, and Sierra Leone.

My writing and photographs have been published in/at/by: The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Brookings Institution Press, Tennis Magazine (France), PRI's GlobalPost, and Communication, Culture & Critique. More about my writing can be found in the Writing section of this website.

Many of the photos on this website can be purchased at my Etsy shop as large canvas prints. All photos were taken with available light. I do not use high dynamic range imaging (HDR), and digital adjustments are limited to cropping and color and contrast correction. I used Canon EOS digital cameras for most photos; those dated 2002 and earlier were taken with Canon and Olympus SLR 35mm film cameras, the prints later scanned.

My consulting includes work for entrepreneurship advisory firm Koltai & Co. LLC of Washington, D.C. Previous occupations include independent consulting for African social enterprises (The Right to Dream Academy; Pivot Ltd.); heading the legal departments of ProCredit Holding AG banks in Ghana and Sierra Leone; and serving as Senior Adviser with Timap for Justice, a Sierra Leonean legal services organization.

Please send me an email if you are interested in using my photographs commercially or in retaining me for writing, photo, or consulting projects (matt{at}mmuspratt{dot}com).

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